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An analysis into market saturation and competitive string theory


Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, one of the 5 states of Australia. It lies on one of the most western points of Australia. What makes this city unique is its relative isolation from the rest of the country. It’s isolation from the eastern states where the large majority of the population resides makes it a good case example for analysis of market competition for immobile goods and services providers. Immobile goods and services providers are classified as having considerable physical propensities which act as a deterrent to location-based changes in their business model.

In the case of security door installers, the margins in this industry have become so slim that the added transportation costs for interstate re-location are extremely prohibitive.
his study analyses first and foremost the level of competition between installers and their suppliers and compares this to the general market demand. Trends over a 5 and 10 year period are analysed to give a short and long term trend projection possible.


The main manufacturers in the industry are Westral, Alspec, Capral, Solomons Security & Blinds. Between them they produce the branded products, Crimsafe, Invisi-gard, Alu-gard, Supascreen and Amplimesh.

Product analysis

Typically a mix of aluminium and stainless streel products are used with similar clamp systems for strength. Marine grade stainless steel mesh systems are popular in this coastal area due to the saline air humidity having a corrosive affect on high carbon steel and to a lesser extent, uncoated aluminium systems.


Population spread

Density sits at 90% within a 5 km radius, 72% at a 10km radius and 25% at a 20km radius. Notably the northern areas of Perth serviced by KNA Doors seems to have the fastest growing density and population growth in the city.
Security door installers and suppliers in Perth

KNA Doors

Supplies security screen doors and mesh door products. Stocks primarily invisi-gard and alu-gard products. Supplies and installs them to a range of domestic and commercial customers in northern perth suburbs

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