Risk Assessment in the Workplace

Do you like your job?

Do you sometimes feel insecure in your position? Have you ever felt uneasy with the workplace politics, bosses, clients and colleagues? At times it can just seem an impossible minefield of power and trying to navigate it without a map can be very near impossible.

Sometimes when it all gets too hard, we rely on the very processes and procedures that our employers put in place to apparently protect us – usually the Human Resources department. But what if this fails? What should you do then? Who will protect you when your employer simply has no interest in helping you win an unbeatable and uphill battle against your employer.

In the psychological mind and array of psychological sciences researched over many tens of years  we understand that workplace difficulties can have a direct impact an effect upon one’s well-being. It’s simply unhealthy and unfair to have to suffer at the hands of your employer.

Thanks to the Melbourne Workplace Lawyers at  – we can appreciate an understand that in order to defend against difficult circumstances brought about by your employer – sometimes the only solution is to employ the experts of lawyers that adequately represent the interest of employees.

With McDonald Murholme’s expertise in the area of employee risk management – particularly in the environmental sciences field of work, they can ensure you are well protected and looked after when the mechanisms of your current employment fail.

For the most part, people want to be healthy and happy. Without the services of McDonald Murholme protecting employees – this basic right of work would simply not be achievable.

Some of the common things employers may consider when dismissing an employee is the unfortunate failure of providing adequate notice, an appropriate pay out and support with the transition to being unemployed.

Through the support of Unfair Dismissal Claims here, a service that McDonald Murholme specialise in – we are able to successfully and confidently recommend you consider their services in pursuing a claim against your employer for a breach of their duties. In addition, we consider that the most beneficial thing gained from unfair dismissal claims is that compensation in the order of tens of thousands of dollars can sometimes be gained, simply because the employer has adequately and appropriately dealt with the situation.

Through an appropriate strategy and method using only the best lawyers, the firm gets results better than any other employment law firm in Melbourne. Moreover, because McDonald Murholme specialise in advocating for only employees in the context of Employment Law – they don’t envisage or embark on attempts to support other employers as they believe this is an obvious conflict of interest.

Whether through Barker v. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ISR 2012 in the High Court of Australia which brought about the implied duty of trust and confidence or other reasons – you will find value in the quality and depth of advice you receive from the lawyers.

McDonald Murholme! Winners for workers.